The CCS – ACCOUNTING, CONSULTING SERVICES, LDA  is a Mozambican company recognized prestige and reputation, founded in March 1997, aimed to support small and medium enterprises in the areas of  Accounting ,  Human Resources, Invoicing, Internal Audit, Consulting and  Tax Planning . Allocated to the headquarters in Maputo and the Pemba office.  

With over 20 years of experience in the Mozambican market, CCS supports the installation, growth and sustained development of more than a hundred customers, in the most diverse sectors of activity – from construction to the extractive industry, from trade to financial services, from companies agricultural services to health services, from food distribution to transport and logistics.


Certify the veracity and relevance of Financial Reports and help organizations to face Financial, Tax, Accounting and Performance challenges. Promoting the business.


  • Agility in customer service
  • Quality of services provided
  • Accuracy of information
  • Maintain partnerships for a long time and win several others


  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect & Diversity
  • Independence
  • Technical Excellence
  • Continuity
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Discipline;
  • Talent Enhancement
  • Gratitude

CCS believes that it can meet the needs of your company at all stages of its development and we embrace your challenges as our challenges, operating across the country through its headquarters in Maputo and offices in Cabo Delgado – Pemba. This structure ensures that you receive continuous and barrier-free service, and is one of the foundations on which our services are built.

About Us